Generations of Experience

Pacific Casings Limited is a 100% family-owned and operated New Zealand company dedicated to producing top quality natural sausage skins.
Pieter van der Wel

Pieter van der Wel (Owner)

Once born into the meat industry, it becomes a passion and there is a constant desire to remain competitive through experience, innovation and adapting to ever changing market and environmental conditions. Being surrounded by an enthusiastic young team puts Pacific Casings Limited at the forefront of the natural casings industry.

Pieter started learning about the meat and related industries at an early age. His father set up a business selling meat throughout Europe which led to an invitation to judge the Queen’s cattle in the UK. Pieter’s knowledge grew as he accompanied his father from the early 1960s to the 1980s on trips to buy cattle.

While visiting New Zealand to check out some of the famous farming techniques, Pieter met his future wife and eventually decided to bring his experience here. Pieter worked as a Production Manager for many years at a significant processing facility in Auckland at the time, prior to establishing Pacific Casings Limited in 1999.

Pieter takes great pride in growing the company from humble beginnings and his unique processes enable Pacific Casings Limited to produce world-class natural casings.

Eamon Crowther

Eamon Crowther (Production Manager)

What I love about food production and casings production in general is that it is an evolving process of continuous improvement. It never stops. I love the challenge of finding those improvements and gains that make our sausage casings that little bit better.

Eamon has been with Pacific Casings Limited for about 10 years. As Production Manager, he is responsible for the processing of raw material, production of finished casings and compliance.

Eamon studied mechanical engineering and completed a two-year apprenticeship in machining and toolmaking. He then started off his journey into the casings industry by working at a large sausage manufacturer. Eamon has trained extensively at the Pacific Casings Limited factory and spent some time at a European casings company perfecting his production skills.

Nicholas van der Wel

Nicholas van der Wel (Director, The Casing Boutique)

When the difference between a good casing and bad boils down to millimetres it’s important to focus on detail throughout the entire production and selling process. I’m particularly interested in optimizing our staff’s working environment by creating systems to negate potential problems before the casings leave our factory. The whole experience starts with a great product and ends with even better service.

Pieter’s son, Nicholas, has followed in his footsteps and set up a retail operation called The Casing Boutique. You can buy our natural hog and sheep casings directly through Nicholas’ website, The Casing Boutique website is also stuffed to the brim with handy tips, recipes and more for the sausage enthusiasts out there.

Stephanie van der Wel

Stephanie van der Wel (Project Manager)

I enjoy the constant evolution when it comes to our practices. We are always looking for fresh and innovative approaches to producing and promoting natural sausage casings.

Stephanie is a lawyer by profession but has recently joined the family fold to assist with project management and strategic direction.